Top 21 Things to Do in Flagstaff, AZ - Discover Flagstaff (2024)

Flagstaff is teeming with restaurants, breweries, galleries, unique shops, national monuments and fun attractions. Plan a trip of the top 21 things to do in Flagstaff. Each stop is more invigorating than the last, from outdoor experiences under sapphire blue skies to educational indoor adventures and all topped off with ales crafted at altitude alongside delectable dining. One-of-a-kind attractions and locally owned restaurants are every which way in town and this itinerary helps plan for the must-try options to ease time spent planning and researching, it's all been done for you! Don't forget to stop by the official Flagstaff Visitor Center before or after your adventure to pick up a souvenir to commemorate your time spent in town.

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Explore Incredible Landmarks

1. Walnut Canyon

Follow the steps of the ancient inhabitants of Walnut Canyon while marveling at pueblos and ancient cliff dwellings in the curved canyon walls. Step into what were considered their humble abodes and appreciate the way life was lived before our time. Every step brings more appreciation to history and the outdoors.

2. Sunset Crater Volcano

Hike amongst ponderosa pine trees and lava flows at Sunset Crater and be transported back to when this volcano last erupted roughly 1,000 years ago. Feel the leftover volcanic ash crunch under every step. Enjoy panoramic views along the way.

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3. Wupatki

Once a bustling center of culture and trade, visitors to Wupatki will marvel at theancient pueblo structures made of limestone and sandstone. One mansion pueblo, named Wupatki Pueblo, boasts more than 100 rooms making it the largest pueblo in all of Northern Arizona.

4. Museum of Northern Arizona

Explore the Museum of Northern Arizona to celebrate the Colorado Plateau, view cultural artifacts and stop in the gift shop for Native American authentically crafted blankets or beautiful selections of turquoise and silver jewelry. Some of the displays are changing every year so there is always something new to be experienced. Learn the history of Northern Arizona as you browse rooms filled with artifacts and get hands-on experiences, something not often found in museums.

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5. Lowell Observatory

Search the universe, study dark skies and stargaze where Pluto was discovered at Lowell Observatory. Visitors will have the opportunity to look through new and historic telescopes, watch science demos, study exhibits, and more. Check out their calendar of events, more often than not, you'll find that Lowell is hosting some stellar events, like lunar eclipses and Meet-an-Astronomer.

6. Flagstaff Lunar Landmarks

Did you know all the astronauts that walked on the moon trained in Flagstaff? Grab a free Flagstaff Lunar Landmarks Passport at the Flagstaff Visitor Center for details, locations and history. Training is ongoing for future space exploration for both astronauts and technology.

7. Route 66

Admire the neon signs and historic buildings along the iconic Mother Road with afree self-guided “Walk this Talk” tour on Route 66 introduced by actor, Ted Danson. This tour meanders backstreets that were the original alignment of the Route 66. There are hotels, drinking, dining, and shopping along the way. Then of course there is the Route 66 that exists today, offering many of the same experiences and more.

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Enjoy One-of-a-Kind Attractions

8. Arizona Gondola

Take a ride onthe Arizona Gondola at Arizona Snowbowl for aerial views from the highest point in the state. Bonus: You can see the Grand Canyon from up top!Then enjoy the thrill ofskiing or snowboarding down Mount Humphreys. Lodge menus offer opportunity to refuel, and an outdoor dining opportunity is perfect when weather permitting, or sitting inside is always an option too.

9. Flagstaff Urban Trail System

Get in some high altitude training on the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS) with HOKA running shoes from Run Flagstaff. The 56-mile trail system is lined withmany shops and natural wonders for visitors to experience. And just because the trail meanders through town doesn't mean there's any shortage of naturalviews.

10. Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course

Seeking an exhilarating rush ofadrenaline? Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course offers roughly 30 zip-line adventures through the world's largest Ponderosa Pine Forest. This course takes climbing trees to a whole new level.

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Savor Local Fare

11. Tourist Home AllDay Cafe

For fresh baked pastries, stop at Tourist Home AllDayCaféand take home a dozen delicious crullers, cookies, croissants, and more. The patio is the perfect spot for gathering with friends and family.

12. Sweet Shoppe

Satisfy your sweet tooth with award-winning gourmet candyat the Sweet Shoppe including truffles, authentic gelato and caramel apples. Decadent fudge and chocolate dipped, well...everything, await you.

13. Salsa Brava

Devour Salsa Brava’s irresistible house-made Mexican Chocolate mousse made with hand harvested Cordillera cacao beans, heavy whipping cream and Kahlua. Salsa Brava boasts the compliments of Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives Guy Fieri from Food Network.

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Enjoy bold flavors on artfully composed plates with carefully selected wine pairings at Shift Kitchen and Bar or choose a bottle (or two) from the impressive and award-winning Flg Terroir. Relish in the chefs tasting menu with seasonally inspired dishes that will have your mouth watering.

15. Charly's Irish Coffee Bar

Experience performance and presentation from coffee baristas at the newly opened Charley's Irish Coffee Bar in the historic Weatherford Hotel. If you like haunted attractions, stop by the hotel's Gopher Hole Pub or simply spend a night.

16. Annex co*cktail Lounge

Say cheers with carefully crafted co*cktailswhile sitting around fire pits at Annex co*cktail Lounge and unwind in the warm and intimateatmosphere. This location is sure to impress in every way.

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17. Flagstaff Brewery Trail

Sample award-winning brews on the Flagstaff Brewery Trail and grab cans of thePie Hole Porter at Historic Brewing Company or Tower Station from Mother Road to sip at home.Top off the experience by savoring Native American frybread at the Weatherford Hotel – it doesn’t disappoint. Get your Ale Trail passport stamped along the way and once completed, take it to the official Flagstaff Visitor Center to redeem a commemorative pint glass.

18. Visit Local Coffee Houses

Enjoy more than 15 Flagstaff coffee houses by sipping a decadent latte or taking home a pound of locally roasted coffee from Late for the Train or Firecreek Coffee Company. Locally owned Cedar Houseoffers a cozy atmosphere and shopping that supports local businesses.Add Foret to your itinerary too, theyjust received a James Beard award for Best Chef. It doesn't get better than that.

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Find the Perfect Keepsake

Discover one-of-a-kind treasures from Arizona Handmade & Fire on the Mountain Galleries such as locally crafted blown glass tumblers, dark sky vases, stone creek designs and Arne scenic mugs. Fire on the Mountain is located in the heart of downtown and is a perfect addition to any itinerary.

20. Shop Boutique Gifts

From specialty soaps and bath balms to room décor and accessories, P.J. Chilcottage will have a gift for every person on your list. Supporting local is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

21. Grab Outdoor Gear

Flagstaff is home to seemingly endless outdoor adventures and activities. Head to Babbitt's Backcountry Outfitters for all of your outdoor gear needs.For a complete outdoor adventure, pick-up a premium Canyon Cooler (manufactured in Flagstaff).

Top 21 Things to Do in Flagstaff, AZ - Discover Flagstaff (2024)


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