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No Set Class Times: A Schedule That Is Truly Built Around Your Life

We know you have a busy life, and we don't think school should interrupt it. Every student comes to WGU with a unique situation—working full-time, working part-time, managing family, supporting a spouse, and more. We believe you should be able to fit schooling into your life, not the other way around. That's why we don't have set class times, deadlines, or due dates. You get to work on your courses any time, any place. Your personalized Degree Plan helps you see all your course requirements and plan them out so you can stay on track to graduate. You set up your Degree Plan with the help of your Program Mentor and will have regular appointments with them to ensure you're making progress.

Earn While You Learn

A flexible schedule means you can keep your current job while going to school. You can continue to earn money while you are learning, enhancing your résumé, and preparing for your future. You can do your coursework early in the morning, late at night, on weekends—any time that is convenient for you.

Flexibility Means You Drive Your Progress

How quickly you learn.

The time you devote to studying.

How much previous knowledge you bring.

Your Degree Plan Lays Out Program Requirements

It's your map to the assessments you'll need to complete and the learning resourcesyou can use to prepare. Your degree plan includes:

  • Details of your term
  • Assessment type, status, and associatedlearning resources
  • Access to preassessments—described in more detail incompleting your assessments
  • Required completion dates—explained below

All of the specifics will be described in detail by your Program Mentor and established during the first few weeks of your program.

Example List of Course Competencies

Term Enrollment

Term enrollment is the process of choosing courses and verifying that you are enrolled for the term of study. During term enrollment, you and your Program Mentor will map out which assessments you will complete and the time frame in which you will do so by established start and end dates. Your Program Mentor will schedule at least the minimum number of competency units required for full-time enrollment (12 units for undergraduate students, 8 units for graduate students). Your on-time progress (OTP; explained further below) is based on how you set term enrollment each term.

Start and End Dates

To help you plan your progress through the term and to set a study schedule and calendar, you and your Program Mentor will set start and end dates for each course. With these dates, you can plan your preparation and see how you can accelerate or where you may need to spend more time in getting ready to demonstrate competency in an assessment area.

Common Terms Used at WGU

Competency units or CUs are basically the same as a credit-hour in a traditional college. Because we measure competency instead of time in-class, we call them competency units rather than credits. Each WGU course is approximately 2–4 CUs and you need approximately 120 CUs to graduate with your undergraduate degree, 30–36 CUs for your graduate degree.

WGU requires that students make measurable progress toward the completion of their degree programs every term. We call this on-time progress, a measure that shows you are on track and making progress toward on-time graduation. As full-time students, graduate students must enroll in at least 8 competency units each term, and undergraduate students must enroll in at least 12competency units each term.

Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) is particularly important for financial aid students because you must make SAP in order to maintain eligibility for financial aid. We will measure your SAP quantitatively by reviewing the number of competency units you have completed each term.

Learning Resources

Each student learns differently. See what resources are available through WGU programs.

Learn More

The Core of Our Flexible Competency-Based Approach

Assessments, Not Classes

WGU’s academic approach is competency-based and dedicated to producing highly competent graduates. Instead of basing progress on credit hours and seat time in the classroom (physical or virtual), WGUawards degrees by measuringstudents' demonstrated skills and knowledge (competencies) in specific subject areas.

WGU’s competency-based academic approach utilizes a variety of assessments to measure your skills and knowledge in your chosen field. These assessments require you to demonstrate that you understand concepts and can perform them in real-life situations. Assessments can take many forms, including objective exams, research papers, assignments, projects, and essays.

The bottom line: You’ll learn what you need to succeed. Your diploma will mean you’ve mastered the essential skills and knowledge the workplace demands—and that you've proved it.

Courses of Study

Your degree program at WGU is composed of a number of Courses of Study (COS). Each Course of Study contains all of the necessary components for competency development in each subject area, including:

  • Learning resources
  • Instructors
  • Community support
  • Plan of study

These combine to help you know where to turn if questions arise and to help you establish a manageable pace for learning as you prepare for the final assessment.

Flexibility is built in to accommodate all types of students. You aren't required to complete all coursework, you don't have to move through the material in a set order, and you can attempt an assessment at any point. Every detail is laid out for you at the beginning of a course—you'll know what to expect, what resources are available, and what is required to pass the course.

The Assessments

As a WGU student, you will be required to demonstrate your mastery of competencies in a variety of ways. An assessment may be a traditional test, a project, an essay, or another practical demonstration of a required skill. Assessments can take many forms. Here are some examples from various programs:

  • Assignments involving problem-solving (e.g., science or information technology).
  • Computerized exams consisting of 50 multiple-choice, matching, and other question types (e.g., mathematics).
  • Projects requiring the student to design a lesson plan (e.g., teaching).
  • Reflection essays about case studies (e.g., MBA).
  • Research papers on particular topics within the student’s field.

Your assessments align to demonstrate specific competencies in your chosen field.

Assessments at WGU are developed using a rigorous process that conforms to accreditation requirements and professional testing standards. WGU relies upon an Assessment Program Council, comprising leading test experts. This process yields high-quality exams, reliable scores, and supports valid conclusions about each student’s level of competence.

Objective assessments—what we call traditional multiple-choice-style tests—are common in many of our programs. Because of WGU's commitment to both quality and accessibility, it's crucial that we conduct these tests in a way that is both secure and convenient.Thanks to webcam technology and online proctoring services, WGU enables you to take tests from the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your home or office—while simultaneously ensuring that the highest testing standards are maintained.

What's Next?

When you're ready to enroll, a WGU Enrollment Counselor will help you through the process.

Online College Schedule - WGU (2024)


How fast can you finish WGU Academy? ›

It will depend on how much time you're able to dedicate to your coursework. It's very possible to finish your required WGU courses in as little as two to three months. We encourage you to complete your single course or course bundle in the shortest time possible.

How quickly can I finish a degree at WGU? ›

Time: 60% of graduates finish within 19 months.

How many hours a week should you dedicate to your school work at WGU? ›

And upon completion, you are primed for a leadership career and are guaranteed admission into a WGU School of Business degree program. Learners should plan to dedicate 15–20 hours a week to the program.

How many classes do you take at a time at WGU? ›

You can take as many courses as you're able in a term and not pay additional tuition or fees.

What is a passing grade in WGU Academy? ›

A student has demonstrated required competencies by passing all required assessments with a grade equivalent of B or better or 3.00 grade points on a 4.00 scale. Not Passed: Indicates that a student failed to successfully complete course assignments and assessments.

How fast can you finish RN to BSN at WGU? ›

Nursing (RN-to-BSN Online) – B.S. An online BSN degree program for registered nurses (RNs) seeking the added... Time: 61% of graduates finish within 20 months. Tuition: $4,685 per 6-month term.

How much does WGU cost per 6 months? ›

At WGU our tuition is usually $3,000 to $4,000 per six-month term, so less than $9,000 for a year. We also charge our tuition per term, not per credit like most traditional universities. It doesn't matter how many classes you take in a term, you'll be charged the same amount.

How many classes can you take per semester at WGU? ›

First, WGU charges tuition at a flat fee based on six-month terms, not credit hours. Each student can take as many or as few classes as they can handle in that term.

Can you get a 4.0 at WGU? ›

Does WGU have GPA? WGU students do not get letter-grades or a GPA as part of their degree program. Instead students either pass or do not pass a course.

Are WGU tests proctored? ›

Proctored Exam Requirements:

An external web camera is required for online exam proctoring. (This requirement does not apply to those enrolled in ITF+.) Chromebooks are not compatible with the online proctoring service. Therefore, they cannot be used to take proctored final exams.

What is the average age of students at WGU? ›

WGU was created to meet the needs of working adults and other individuals who do not have access to more traditional higher education. The average age of WGU students is 36 years old, most of our students have families, 65% work full time, and the majority have completed some college when they enroll at WGU.

Does WGU charge per credit hour? ›

Remember, WGU charges tuition at a flat rate every six months, not per credit hour. We also don't have hidden fees or expenses that can add up quickly.

What is the acceptance rate at WGU? ›

Western Governors University has a 100% acceptance rate, according to federal data from College Scorecard.

Can I take 1 class at WGU? ›

WGU single courses provide you the option to start your degree program in a more flexible way, customized to your needs. You can select a single course from a variety of options that align with your interests and academic goals.

How often do WGU classes start? ›

Start dates are the 1st of every month.

How long does it take to complete WGU? ›

The average time to complete a bachelor's degree with WGU is 2.5 years*, proving that WGU students are motivated and use the opportunity to control their speed to graduation.

Can you complete a WGU MBA in 6 months? ›

Prepare for a career leading private or public healthcare organizations. Time: WGU lets you set a schedule so you can finish your MBA in just one year. Tuition: $4,755 per 6-month term. Courses: 11 total courses in this program.

Can I graduate from WGU in a year? ›

With a competency-based program like WGU, many students can finish their program in just a year.

What is the difference between WGU and WGU Academy? ›

Academy offers a more flexible tuition plan and a different kind of learning experience than the degree programs at WGU. Academy's courses are not themselves accredited, but the academic courses at Academy are fully transferable into WGU programs.


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